want us?
Do you want us for your event?
There are couple of things you may know before you contact us for a concert at your event. Please, keep in mind, that our band is international and we don't have any chance to practice our songs together. We all are working people and we make chip tunes and all the retro computer stuff in our free time.

Therefore we may have a few requests for your events. Here is a brief list of them:

- You should contact us at least 3 months in advance before your event.
- We require that you pay us the travel costs for each person.
- We ask you to manage (and pay) an accomodation for us.
- We accept additional cash for the gig (if you have sponsors, etc.)
- The stage must be prepared for us at least 2 hours before (and covered to avoid the crowd to see us) to let us install and test our equipment and instruments.
- We need at least TWO independent electricity sources (phases). This is needed because old computers are very unstable and tend to crash if any power fluctuation occurs.
- Keep in mind that we NEED to do a sound check which may take at least one hour.
- We require your own mixer guy with sufficient equipment (cables, adaptors, power cords, etc.)
- Audio output sockets from our instruments/computers are usually 3,5" Jack stereo and 2x cinch (RCA). It depends on the instrument. We usually have 3,5" Jack<->2x RCA cables. Have some gender-change bits prepared. Please count with 4 (FOUR) inputs for EACH person. (That means, if we play in 4 persons, we require +/- 16 audio inputs. Keep in mind that sound from the ZX Spectrum is STEREO, so 2 inputs for 1 computer). In fact, some of us have our own small mixers, so there's just one stereo output from those persons.
- It could be nice of you that you'd provide us some free cool water or beer ;)
- Please tell us how long should our gig take. We usually play for 1 hour but if needed, we can add more songs :)

With these conditions fulfilled, the concert will be quality and non problematic!

For concert purposes, please contact us at: