2nd CONCERT of AY RIDERS micromusic band

Cheers, diZZy!
It's NOT a PC!
Velesoft is coming
The band and Pinokio
Hey Gas, sing us!
F6's turn
Take a photo of him!
Say cheese, please!
Thanks :)
Not me, please!
U know smoking kills?
I'll kill you!
Gasman's singing
I don't buy this iPhone
The big screen
Preparing stuff
A tunnel audience
AYR and Pinokio
Oh shit, how's that?
Poke & diZZy
TDM tests the mixer
Oh, look over there!
Yerz's machines
Pin's laboratory
Wylacz to (Atari)!
Spectrum vs Atari
Pin's solo
The audience
Look I've a joystick!
Atari? Czy to zart?
F6's music extacy
Who's that big guy?
Let the /|\ disappear
Letter soup pyco
ZX Spectrum 16kB
This is not a Speccy
DivIDE sock fetish
Preparing the stage
I'm the mixer guy!
Say yeah!
The real hardware
The audience
ZX Spectrum 4ever!

Photos by Factor6, Hellboj and Logout. Video by Logout.
More photos (better quality) for download are here, here and here.